Sometimes S’mores

Sometimes…life wins. It sneaks up, undoubtedly from some dark corner, and leaves you more than a little worse for wear.

Unfortunately, that’s where I’m at, patching up [more than] a few internal wounds.

Which is why sisters come to town.

To remind you to put on lipstick, smile, and replace all fruits and veggies with wine, cheese, and chocolate [for a weekend].

That taking a deep breath and a wide gaze stops time from slipping through your fingers.

And that a proper cappuccino warms more than just your hands.

They’ll lay on the pillow next to you, wrap the covers tight about your shoulders, and whisper all the stories you’ve so missed hearing.

And at midnight…after copious amounts wine…they’ll trudge to the grocery store with you for butter so you can make Peanut butter S’mores Bars.

It’s all very simple, really. I followed this recipe I saw last week on How Sweet It Is.

We licked the bowl clean, put the pan in the fridge, and had them for breakfast the next morning.

Personal problems or not, I highly recommend you do the same.

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